Bricktastics Creativity Classes Schedule

Frequency: Weekly
Day: Every Tuesday
Time: 5:15pm - 6:15pm (AEDT)
Format: LIVE Online, Via Zoom Meetings (further details are provided after purchase)

Description: Bricktastics Creativity Classes are a LIVE Online format Creativity focused workshop centred around the use of LEGO and building blocks to teach children Creative out of the box thinking, manual and physical dexterity, coordination, storytelling and problem-solving skills.

- Class packages (Materials Included) can be purchased using your NSW Creative Kids Vouchers.
- Tickets can also be purchased standalone on our website, or with supplied materials (COMING SOON)



"How do my kids join the classes?"
Your children can join the classes online via the link we will mail/email to you with your package after purchase. Classes are held online Via Zoom, and no special equipment besides a device and internet connection are required.


"How do I download Zoom to join the class?"
You can either download the "Zoom application" in the app store on your device, or you can download it on a computer using this address.
You can also simply use the Link provided to you by us, to join the room from a computer browser without downloading the program, however this will not provide the best experience.


"How many classes do we get to come to?"
For the NSW Creative Kids Voucher Packages, you are entitled to join four LIVE sessions with us.


"Do I need a Password or Link to get into the class?"
Yes you will need both, we will include this information in a pamphlet titled "congratulations" within your order. We will also email this information to your email address associated with your purchase.