Creative Kids Pre-Loved LEGO® Packs

As a registered provider for the Creative Kids
program, you can redeem your voucher with us and Let your child develop new Creativity skills.

Bricktastics have developed some Creative Kids Packs of Pre-Loved LEGO® that are perfect for voucher holders.
(NOTE: Vouchers only usable with our "Creative kids Pre-Loved LEGO Packs" this excludes our standard "Creativity Packs")

Includes the latest issue of our Creativity Booklet in every order!


"How do i get a Creative Kids voucher through Service NSW?"

For details on how to get a Creative Kids voucher and understand eligibility, please visit the Service NSW Creative Kids voucher program details page here.


"Can i use my Voucher for other things in your store?"

Our Creative Kids Packs are specially designed to meet the needs and use the full value of the Creative Kids program. For this reason they are the best and only products in our store eligible for use with your Creative Kids Voucher. Additional items can be added to your order and will be paid using your own funds.


"Can i use my Vouchers with other offers and discount codes?"
No, at this time codes and offers cannot be combined with your NSW Creative Kids Vouchers.


"How do i use your voucher on the website?"
It's Easy, after you have added your items to "cart" simply follow the steps below: